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Advanced Undercover Operations & Officer Rescue – NC

Tuesday, Mar 5, 2024
– Wednesday, Mar 6, 2024

8:30am – 5:00pm

  • Types of UC Operations
  • Identify pitfalls for undercover officers
  • Operational Planning for Supervisors
  • UC Mindset and Mental Preparedness
  • Establishing Backgrounds/Cover Stories
  • Successfully supervise undercover officers
  • Handling Confidential Sources
  • Surveillance Methods/Cover Teams
  • Undercover Robberies and Assaults
  • Evidence Management
  • Testifying in Court/Depositions
  • Making Prosecutable cases while minimizing risk
  • Safely plan and conduct an undercover investigation using advanced techniques
  • Use of verbal commands and communication during UC vehicle rescue.
  • UC rescue from inside vehicle.
  • UC rescue outside of vehicle.
  • Rescue team approach to UC vehicle.
  • UC rescue priorities.
  • Rescue team members areas of responsibility outside and inside vehicle.
  • Positioning of responding team members.
  • Use of vehicle for ballistic cover.
  • Handgun and rifle ballistics through vehicles.
  • Threat priorities as pertaining to vehicles and suspects.
  • Safe handling of UC and medical assessment after rescue.
  • Discuss prior lessons learned by law enforcement during UC vehicle rescue operations.

Event Location

Hickory Police Department
1978 8th Ave NW
Hickory, NC, 28601

Event Fees

$ 375.00