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Practical Financial Document Analysis – OPD

Monday, Feb 5, 2024
– Tuesday, Feb 6, 2024

8:30am – 5:00pm

This class will provide each student with the knowledge and step by step
instruction on the analysis of financial documents. Also, the importance
of properly documenting the analysis within your case report or probable
cause affidavit. An investigation often goes beyond just analyzing
documents obtained on suspects, victims or corporations. The best
forensic accountants and financial investigators can find additional
sources of information to help crack the case. There is an art to finding
clues in an investigation, and it all starts with knowing what to look for
within these financial documents. Financial document analysis is not
just for fraud investigations, but is also beneficial for drug, homicide,
and sex crime investigations.

Course Highlights
• Common Terms and Definitions
• How to Obtain Financial Documents
• FinCEN
• Understanding Financial Statements
• Business Records
• Bank Records Overview
• Receipts, Invoices & Checks
• Money Transfers
• How to Follow the Money
• Sourcing of Money
• Proper Documentation

Event Location

Orlando Police Dept Training Facility
100 George DeSalvia Way
Orlando, FL, 32807

Event Fees

$ 299.00