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UC Ops/Electronic Surveillance & Officer Rescue-Class is Full-Call 321-480-2813 for waitlist

Tuesday, Feb 7, 2023
– Thursday, Feb 9, 2023

8:30am – 5:00pm

This Comprehensive 3-Day course is designed for the experienced undercover officer as well as for new investigators by
providing them the tools and education needed to succeed, survive and perform effectively in undercover operations.

Types of UC Operations
Successful Use of Cover Stories
UC Backstopping
Evidence Collection/Making the Case
Electronic Surveillance for UC Ops
Working UC Cases with Informants
UC Officer Pitfalls
UC Investigation Techniques
UC Locations
UC Mindset and Mental Preparedness
UC Officer Survival
UC Robberies and Assaults – Lessons Learned
Safely Planning and Conducting UC Ops
Op Planning Considerations for Supervisors
Medical Preparedness for High Risk Ops
UC/CI Rescue Priorities
Vehicle Based UC/CI Rescues
UC Defensive Tactics Inside Vehicles
Cover/Surveillance Team Responsibilities
Rescue Team Concepts/Tools/Weapons/Considerations
Rescue Signals and Team Communications
Planning and Training for UC/CI Rescue On and Off the “X”
Successfully Supervising UC Officers
Scenario Based UC Rescue “Hands-on” Walk Through’s with SurTec/Casper E/S Demo
What is ES and why is it essential for Law Enforcement operations?
Transmitters; Receivers; Repeaters; Recorders; Concealments.
Hard-Wired vs Wireless equipment, Body-worn vs strategically placed
What are ES Countermeasures and how can they be used against us.

Event Location

Palm Beach Gardens Police Department
10500 N. Military Trail
Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, 33410

Event Fees

$ 449.00